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Friday, October 23, 2009

handmade himalayan wallpaper

maya romanoff's latest wallpaper collection, meditations, is made from lokta paper from the himalayan mountains. lokta was first used for tibetan buddhist texts and today is also used for japanese currency. the paper making process uses little energy since the plant is delivered by foot after harvesting. then it's soaked, softened, boiled and then put into a pulp beater which is powered by small-scale hydropower from a nearby stream. it is then placed in the sun to dry. while the pulp is still wet, local artisans use chopsticks to hand-form the circular patttern of Ohm shown here.

devine dimmers

check out the cool invisible lightswitch and dimmer from british forbes & lomax available in the states now. it's so invisible, you really need to look closely to see the brass toggle (also comes with a cool dimmer dial for your eco-friendly projects) which appears as a dot above the moulding in this image. other finishes are also available.


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