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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

YOU improved

there's a lot of pressure as a designer to dress and present myself in a certain way. luckily, i have a good sense of style in terms of how i dress and put myself together. in fact, i often get compliments on my outfits. however, i'm an expert in interior design and NOT an image consultant. so i knew that i would benefit from hiring an expert in that department to avoid costly mistakes down the road. by the way, this is the same philosophy i believe in for why people need to hire an expert interior designer like me!

since i was shooting a hosting video yesterday, i wanted to be sure i had the best outfit. so i met with monique marco, a talented stylist and image consultant who taught me a ton! just check her out in the hip, adorable and eco-friendly outfit pictured here! even though i had a good foundation about what shapes and colors look best on me, monique was able to enhance that knowledge and boost my look. best of all, she has a unique approach re. the environment known as "ecoLove" which you can learn more about on her website.

thanks monique! i can't wait to have you come back to do a complete overhaul on my wardrobe!

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